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A Resolution To Join The Paris Climate Agreement Pros And Cons

Cluster 6 focuses on the experimental evaluation of PA and its mechanisms. We note that these experiences rarely lead to a positive assessment of the Palestinian Authority, but instead call for mini-nationalism as a means of overcoming the current lack of ambition. The Group 2 documents examine ways to track progress towards the Palestinian Authority`s objectives. This cluster offers a pessimistic outlook on the Palestinian Authority, with much more negative than positive assessments. The literature of the cluster cites technology and transparency as the main driver of efficiency, but also highlights the lack of ambition and problems related to the LRM as the main barriers. It is interesting to note that these two clusters have few common references, although they both focus on how the deposit and verification process works. Clusters 4 and 5 form two strongly related clusters on climate finance, losses and damage. They are closely linked by the general reference to losses and damage, with much of the Group 4 literature on climate finance focusing on the financing of losses and damages. Finally, the two centralized clusters (1-3) focus on the Paris Agreement in general, with Cluster 1 maintaining a legal priority for lessons learned from international policy and Cluster 3. Both offer mixed assessments on the part of the Palestinian Authority with the legal literature, with a particularly high number of positive evaluations. While international political literature emphasizes the importance of national and non-governmental measures, judicial literature is the main driver of transparency and its legal nature. Both, however, point to the current lack of ambition as a major obstacle. So we didn`t have time, Mattias Goldmann, a Swedish expert on the Paris climate negotiations, to better understand the COPs climate summits and the agreements.

Mattias is the CEO of the Swedish think tank Fores and plays the role of eyes and ears on the ground in Katowice during the second week of COP24. The Paris Agreement is proof that climate change has become a priority for the majority of the world.