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Alabama Medicaid Provider Agreement Form

The Quality Improvement Program partners with suppliers in the potential to improve efficiency and efficiency by continuously monitoring the appropriate use of services and evidence-based quality metrics. These programs are related to customer service, member satisfaction, use of case management, clinical risk management and delegate oversight areas. The Resource Centres for seniors and disabilities are part of a national initiative launched by the Community Life Administration to provide access to information and assistance to older adults, people with disabilities and their caregivers. CCRA is not a bad door for those who need help in improving performance screening, education and counselling for long-term services and support. It is also an entry point for professionals, caregivers and family members to seek resources and help on behalf of their clients, friends or family members. All callers are screened using a universal screening tool that prevents the caller from giving the information multiple times. Transfers are made on behalf of the individual who needs help and quality assurance is monitored. CCRA will provide increased assistance for requests for services and services to those who choose a lawyer. ADSS strives to support individuals with the tools they need to make informed decisions and preserve their independence in the community of their choice. For more information, click here. All Medicaid-approved providers who provide domestic and community services in the Medicaid recipient`s home immediately report abuse, neglect and exploitation to the Department of Human Resources or prosecution under the Alabama Protective Adult Act of 1976.

For more vendor registration forms and information, click here. Non-emergency transportation (NET) is made available to Medicaid recipients who are transported to an appointment for a service covered by Medicaid. The appropriate means of transport should be based on mobility restrictions and the specific needs of the recipient. For more information on NET, click here. If you are a medical service provider and wish to obtain a Medicaid refund, you must complete the Medicaid registration application and enter into a written provider agreement with the Alabama Medicaid Agency. Federal requirements require providers to re-register regularly for the Alabama Medicaid program.