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Association Agreement Andorra

France hopes that the talks between the EU and Andorra will lead to a balanced, mutually beneficial agreement that takes into account the specifics of the Principality of Andorra while respecting the integrity of the internal market. Another agreement affecting the three AMS states is the taxation of savings income, which was the result of a global campaign to eliminate money laundering and the tax shield. In the case of the EU, the agreement also aimed to force „offshore financial centres“ to comply with EU standards. The EU`s main efforts are to apply its „single-pillar model“ as strictly as possible: dynamic adaptation of the agreement, homogeneous interpretation, independent monitoring and judicial review and dispute resolution. Perhaps the EU will move to more standardized A.A. in the long term. From an institutional point of view, they could follow the above model, which has developed all the time and on the basis of which it could be much easier to negotiate individual essential content that corresponds to the interests of all parties. At least with regard to AMS STATES, it can still not be ruled out that such a solution could be born, thus responding to the allusion to the expected result: „… or several association agreements.“ Andorran Foreign Minister Gilbert Saboya and Spanish Ambassador to Andorra Manuel Montobbio opened the meeting.

Saboya stressed that „the Association Agreement is a way for Andorra to promote us for a future full of opportunities for us. There is a clear desire that the European Union and Andorra continue to negotiate the Association Agreement. He added: „This is a good opportunity for both sides to show that the EU and the three micro-states can reach an agreement in the coming years. This is obviously a great challenge, but we must keep in mind real examples of countries of our size, such as Liechtenstein, which have found a similar and cost-effective agreement. „Saboya: „The commitment to the Association Agreement is entirely focused on the reform process“ The Minister of Foreign Affairs also recalled that „the commitment to the Association Agreement is fully in line with the reform process and would therefore probably be meaningless, without the ability to visualize something concrete in the years to come.“ He also acknowledged: „We are well aware that the negotiation process is long, complex and difficult, and we all need to have the intelligence to balance internal market participation while maintaining some of our specificities. Our political will proved four years ago that reforms could be implemented. Only this political will can guarantee the success of the negotiations. In his speech, Saboya also positioned Andorra as a predilection for international investors and as a test for innovative projects.

He cited as an example the number of conventions aimed at avoiding double taxation in Member States that continue to grow with new signatory states. He also pointed to the increase in the number of salaries and gdp in Andorra over the past four years. Montobbio „The Association Agreement could be the second major transformation for temporary Andorra“ The Spanish Ambassador to Andorra, Manuel Montobbio, said that in these times of change, „the position of a country like Andorra, faced with the challenge of joining the single market and sharing this European project with us, is good news for European integration.“