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Research Authorship Agreement

However, during this process, there may be situations that may lead to misunderstandings or conflicts of perpetrators. When they occur, those who have contributed to the project should first discuss disagreements, possibly with the help of contracts or scorescards, as listed above. Everyone involved in the project should participate openly and professionally in these discussions. Be prepared to explain your contributions and take into account the perspectives of your employees. Some staff may not be aware of the actual involvement of other members of the research team, especially when projects are carried out in multiple institutions or are long. This case raises questions about two aspects of fatherhood: first, what rules regulate, who should be an author on a piece of paper? Second, if prior paternity agreements are concluded, how will they be formulated and will they take precedence over standard paternity requirements? Baethge, C. (2008). Publishing or sinking together: the increase in the number of authors per article in academic journals is the result of a changing scientific culture. Some researchers define the author quite easily.

Dtsch Arztebl International,105(20), 380-383. Publication is the means of transmitting scientific information to the broader community of scientists and the public, so that information can be criticized, reproduced and used to build on existing concepts. The publication also pays tribute to the scientists who have contributed to the literature on a particular subject and pays tribute to those who have been part of the current work. The authorship of a document and the relative position of fatherhood are therefore an important part of the integrity of the scientific process. Gotzsche, P.C., Hrobjartsson, A., Johansen, H. K., Haahr, M. T., Altman, D. G., Chan, A. W.

(2007). Ghost Authorship in industry-initiated randomized studies. Medicine PLoS,4 (1), e19. For example, authors may be added when a project has been extended beyond the original domain or if the added author can provide the necessary knowledge or knowledge to the project.