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Interior Design Letter Of Agreement Examples

You may have noticed that we did not include the design costs in this breakdown. And while depending on the size of the project, you can include your costs directly in your contract, we think it`s best to omit them. Fees and services need to be addressed, but this is more appropriate in your „work volume“ document. Use your contract for „general business practices.“ The drawings, drawings and renderings that I make available to you as instruments of my service are my own creation and will remain my property, whether the project was made for them or not. You can only use them for other projects or extensions of this project, with my agreement and with adequate compensation. As design professionals, we work so hard to build a work for our portfolios. So there`s nothing worse than doing a great job so your client doesn`t allow you to photograph or use it in any publication. This clause is intended to give your customers hope that you will take pictures or videos of its space (before, during and after). It is important to explain how to use assets and how to protect your client`s privacy. Finally, the agreement should contain a photo exit area. The client undertakes to have the project photographed by the designer at all stages or at all stages of the design. Design photos are ideal for publishing, press, social media, marketing, printing and advertising.

If the client documents or reserves the project in print, this is a good way to give credit to the designer. And the last bonus? Signing your interior design contracts is very simple with Mydoma Studio. For real. Create templates, register them in your account and easily add them directly to your projects! You can then have your customer login and verify and approve the contract. Both parties receive notifications when documents are approved, making it a painless way to do things! If you want to see how it works first hand, book a Mydoma Studio demo here! The letter of agreement also indicates the financial aspect of the agreement to be concluded between the two companies.