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Registration Of Rental Agreement Malta

Leases that stipulate in the contract that the lease is automatically renewed are required to renew their registration online. The following procedure is as follows: for each new private rental contract, a separate registration is required. Apartment rentals used exclusively for tourism are exempt, but MTA-licensed properties rented for short rentals remain considered short rentals (not tourist rentals). Tenants who do not comply with the terms of the tenancy agreement, including the absence of monthly rent, cannot be forcibly evicted by the landlord. The court must take the matter to the tenants` regulatory committee. Owners can register their rental agreements online via this link. The authority has also introduced a telephone number 22 991 010 to allow landlords and families in case of difficulties to contact their representative or make an appointment for the registration of leases. Support will be provided in the new offices, next to the existing offices of the Housing Authority in Floriana. Registration fee: 120 €registration fee applies if the registration of the private lease is not registered within 10 days of the start of the lease. Can a tenant declare a tenant? Yes, tenants can declare a lease on this site. What are tenants` duties? Tenants must give strict notice if they wish to terminate a long-term tenancy agreement. The Authority said in a statement that a tenant must register the lease within 10 days of signing the contract.

Registration is free in 2020 as an incentive for homeowners. – fines for renting or occupying residential real estate that does not meet the requirements of the law can range from 2,500 to 10,000 euros – landlord, who try to block public services such as water and electricity or to remove furniture, fines ranging from 1500 to 4,000 euros can be imposed – persons found guilty of living in property that is not registered under the law can be punished by a warrant of execution of the housing authority and a fine of 5,000 euros. Can a lease be terminated? No, a lease cannot be terminated at any time. In order for the contract to be terminated, the termination must take place 3 months before the contract expires. If the tenant does not receive the letter within this period, the contract is extended by one year. What are the contracts in place under the new rules? The 2020 lease agreements apply to all leases signed after June 1, 1995. All homeowners who rent their property for primary purposes must declare these assets to the housing authority. What are the new duties of the owners? Owners are legally required to declare private leases within 10 days. Contracts and bail must be registered with the Housing Authority. You can also register online via this link: To register the contract online, you must create an account or log in with the e-ID. To register a rental agreement, you must complete the land data, rental details and information about the owner and tenant. The signed contract and inventory list must also be downloaded.

In addition, leases that provide for the lease to be renewed each year are required to renew their online registration accordingly. Apart from these laws, which provide for housing-specific issues, those who enter into Maltese leases must also comply with the provisions of the Contracts Act. In the new year, the latest legislation on the rental of residential real estate was introduced in Malta. The right to rent introduces new obligations for both tenants and landlords, such as .B the registration of the tenancy agreement and contractual terms.