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Smart Start Lease Agreement

Once you have obtained your liquor locking licence, email a copy of the licence to If you are eligible for a grant, the cost of the licence is free. You must also send us a copy of the $0.00 receipt to prove that you are subsidized. Smart Start will then send you a rental agreement that you will need to sign before ordering a date and date with your nearest service center for the installation of the locking device. As a result, smart start ignition lock devices can be connected to a vehicle`s electrical installation to prevent the vehicle from starting, unless the driver passes a test that measures the alcohol content in his or her breath. With respect to certain DUI or DWI charges, one of the defendant`s ignition locking systems could replace a licence ban, the action continues. Personal data, including surveillance data and other related information, is passed on to the appropriate government authorities and external assessment agencies, as long as it is mandated by the treaty and by law. This is described in the customer information brochure and the rental agreement. In addition, your monitoring data may be passed on to third parties if you have previously authorized such an agreement.

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF file to view it: Download the PDF. The applicant submits that the „surveillance service contract“ it signed under its equipment lease did not meet the CTC`s „separate“ advertising obligation. Specifically, the complaint states that the payment information was found „in a text with a distance between“ rectangular boxes containing information highlighted „about three quarters of the way down“. In addition, certain payment amounts and other payments not included in the pre-printed text of the agreement were depreciated by hand in empty lines and in the margins of the document, the appeal states. Ajen can use the contact information provided to provide information about our products and services via email. If you do not wish to receive such messages, please contact us by email at or or by phone on 1300 256 900.