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Vehicle Maintenance Service Level Agreement

The service provider (provider) sets policies and procedures for providing end-to-end fleet maintenance and management. Helps define replacement plans, new purchases and dispose of excess equipment. The manufacturer monitors liquid and parts inventories and order levels, warranty extensions, device registrations, inspections and sets common service levels and guidelines for all partners. Customers rely on fleet management to plan and budget for the exchange of facilities, explore options available to meet operational requirements, prepare specifications, obtain facilities and vehicles, conduct preventative maintenance, complete planned and unscheduled maintenance, and respond to ad hoc service requests. Don`t limit contract savings to „hard“ dollars. Saving „soft“ dollars is also important. These savings apply in areas such as vehicle downtime, response time, punctuality when receiving reports, etc. This will be your Bible to measure the supplier`s performance based on what was discussed during the selection process. Your company`s goals may change over time, so don`t hesitate to communicate these changes with your fleet service providers.

Tracking the progress of performance clauses ensures the strategic success of the program. Don`t rely on your fleet supplier to track performance. Set service tracking procedures, whether it`s maintenance, accident management, expense notes or invoices. 7 A representative of one of the parties may make a written request to review the agreement at any time. The extension of the City Transit Services and A-1 Automotive preventative maintenance contract may renew the preventative maintenance contract each year after reviewing and agreeing on costs and planning. The costs, schedules and items agreed in the renewed preventive maintenance contract are maintained for the duration of the contract. Written authorization is required for the termination of the prevention contract or for any changes to the cost, schedule or items covered by the pre-contract. Both parties must sign changes to the existing maintenance contract.

The Maintenance of the City Transit Services Preventive Maintenance Contract will be 30 days of written notification to A-1 Automotive prior to the termination of the service and the termination of this preventative maintenance contract. City Transit Services notifies A-1 Automotive of any new aircraft purchased that may require additional resources. Most fleet service providers can document the savings from packages they have designed. These include saving money on rent bills, claims, repair and maintenance. Lifecycle cost analysis is also important in determining savings. Consider all aspects of your fleet costs, in a fixed and variable way. Understanding the level of service is important for managing the fleet`s resource lifecycle, as well as for other assets. They determine the types of assets made available, how often they are retained, when assets are sanitized or replaced, and how assets are divested. 10 Current performance requirements for the life of this agreement.

If A-1 Automotive is unable to provide appropriate maintenance services or after the expiry or termination of this contract, A-1. Automotive provides City Transit Transport Services with the following information: All the information necessary for Transport City services to perform such a maintenance service, including vehicle maintenance services.